No But

Reclaiming Yes, And

Yes, And – the well-known cornerstone of improvisational theater where you accept what another offers and build on it with […]

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How to get back on your horse when life gets in the way

So, you might be wondering what happened to all that boundless energy from the new year. You were going to […]

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Dark Side Image 1

This year, resist the dark side

There’s a moment in Star Wars: The Force Awakens when Kylo Ren calls on the spirit of Darth Vader to […]

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Cropped Weakest Link

Embrace the ridiculous & 10 other strategies to stop self-judgment

It’s an unwritten rule in improv – and in leadership – to not talk about it when you get in […]

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lucky cropped

Four steps to extreme fulfillment

I want to be on the Amazing Race. There are about a million reasons why, but as I come off […]

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1 - Navigate Change

Navigating change? Know thyself…and thy team.

Navigating Change? Know thyself…and thy team. Life is uncertain and the landscape is always changing. We know this, and we […]

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The line of best fit

Not everyone’s path is a straight line, I know that from experience. So whatever led you here, I’m glad you […]

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